Remains of a broken world.

Winter is coming and I walk under the moonlight.
Roaming around and watching only shadows as I get into the woods
The underworld keeps calling me and I keep drowning in the dark
It’s all cloudy and wet, the trees are barely seen under the mist.
I can hear them, I can feel them and they know it.
They know I’m coming, they know I’m getting closer.
I’m walking on the valley of the undead, the valley of the unwanted.
And they are following me and haunting me everywhere
I can’t see them but they can see through my senses.
They know I’m scare.

Winter is coming and I can hear the silence of this spooky night
Monsters are out and I am fighting against my fears.
I can feel the cold blood running through my veins
And my heart racing like never before as I start to faint
Something is wrong, something is happening
I can’t move, I can’t do nothing
The fog swallows me into the depths of the forest
I feel their eyes on me hidden in the dark
And I’m starting to float four feet off the ground
Are they taking me? Do I want to join them?
I can see them all now; they’re only spectrums of the night
Owners of the underworld, remains of a broken world.
Souls walking on the valley of loneliness
It’s getting colder and everything is frozen
They’re taking me and I can’t control it.





Autor: MenteCuriosa85

Venezolana, Bienvenidos a mi mundo. Welcome to my world.


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